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Phyllostachys aurea

Phyllostachys aurea

Golden bamboo/Fish pole bamboo
This plant has been misnamed because the stems will only go golden (aurea) if grown in full sun.

The erect culms have distinctive swellings at the base. A clumping fast growing bamboo. Needs good light to ensure good yellow canes. Otherwise they are green in the shade. The leaves also follow this pattern.

Of all the Phyllostachys genera it is one of the best clump forming types in the UK.

Reliable and non-invasive, this bamboo makes a good hedge or speciment plant.

The common names are Golden Bamboo and Fish Pole bamboo.

General characteristics
· upright   
Growth characteristics
· clumping   
· non-invasive   
· 4-6m   
Placement or usage
· suitable for containers   
· screening and hedging   
· single specimen   
· full sun   
· semi-shade   
· fully hardy   

Phyllostachys aurea - 5 Litre
Price:    25.00  Including  VAT at 20%

Height80/100 cms. 

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