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To ensure strong and healthy plants, our bamboos are grown in our own, specially formulated, compost mix.

Thamnocalamus tessellatus

Thamnocalamus tessellatus

South Africa's only native bamboo. Tough, hardy and rugged appearance make this an ideal plant for a windbreak. Also tolerant of drought. Culms yellowish-green and dull purple in the upper parts with between 5-8 branches on each node. Thick stout culms good for the vegetable garden.

General Characteristics
· Coloured stems   
Placement or usage
· Suitable for containers in the garden   
· Screening and hedging   
· -25c   
· Sunny places   
· Semi-shade   
· Shade   
· Small   
· Grows between 4m and 6m in height   
Growth Characteristics
· Clumping   

Thamnocalamus tessellatus - 5 Litre
Price:    25.00  Including  VAT at 17.5%


Thamnocalamus tessellatus - 10 Litre
Price:    35.00  Including  VAT at 17.5%


Thamnocalamus tessellatus - 15 Litre
Price:    55.00  Including  VAT at 17.5%


The bamboos are FAB! Both my wife and I are delighted with them.The Fargesia will go very nicely in its new spot and I have also been doing some googling of the Borinda and it does seem to be a very exciting plant, which I hope will grow well in its new position.Many thanks for supplying great plants and for your customer service. Adam

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